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That’s what a great part of our highly valued temp workers have already done. As one of the most ambitious temporary agencies specializing in the warehouse & manufacturing area, we are constantly searching for skilled and hard-working warehouse and manufacturing staff. Rex&Lindeborgh serves a wide range of business types – and we are always interested in presenting new skills and employees to our clients and business partners.

Be your own boss
Working for Rex & Lindeborgh you always have the opportunity to choose how much you would like to work, and for which employers and industries. Rex&Lindeborgh is a member of The Association of Temporary Work Agencies in Denmark and you will be paid according to The Temporary Agency Workers Act in relation to the policy or customary at the company in which your are temporarily employed. Temporary work has also shown to be a very efficient way to ‘get a foot inside’ good and successful companies.

Short road to permanent employment
Due to the fact that Rex & Lindeborgh is a temporary agency and a recruitment agency, it often happens that a large part of our skilled staff is offered permanent employment within the companies of our clients.

If you would like to register for future job opportunities within the warehouse and manufacturing area please use this link.

"Rex&Lindeborgh really take their time to get to know their employees both personally and professionally. By knowing your skills they offer you a great variety of job tasks. In that way you - as an employee for Rex&Lindeborgh - add a lot of experience to your CV."


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Do you want to be a candidate for temporary or permanent job positions? Then sign up to our job database and attach your resume. When we have received your resume, we will review it and when we have a position that matches your qualifications and preferences, we will invite you to an information meeting and a following interview at our office in Copenhagen.

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Hvis du vil være vikar eller have fast job, kan du oprette dit CV i vores jobdatabase. 

Når vi har modtaget CV’et fra vikaren eller den jobsøgende, vil det blive gennemgået, og når vi har vikariater eller job, der matcher dine kvalifikationer og ønsker, bliver du inviteret ind på vores kontor, hvor du vil deltage i et informationsmøde med efterfølgende interview.

Enter your personal information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible – We can’t wait to help you. 

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